Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014


How to overcome insecurities?

The questions remain unanswered for years and years for myself.
Overthinking kills you from the inside, slowly, like cancer.

It stays in your body quietly, waiting for its trigger to be pulled--pointing straight to your head.
Knows very well of your fears and doubts. There's no point of running away from it.
Reminding you of how it feels to be alone, to be rejected, and your imperfections.

The only thing that can save you is yourself. It's all in your head.
Playing mind tricks that you--only you who knows the secret behind its illusion.

Snap out of it. You're only going backwards every time you overthink.
Get out of your bed and do something,

Because the world is not going to stop and wait for you.
To get back on your feet again.



Brain, I hate you for making me writing this.

Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Betrayed by The Sun

I see you cut your hair again.
Have you told anybody about it?
Do you think it's safe now?
Is it safe for me to say that i'm out of the loop, 
I'm out of touch, 
i'm out of things to say. 

I'll let you walk away. 

We talk so quietly. 
You walk so mysteriously. 
Lets get these hearts beat faster tonight.  

We'll stay here if you want to. 
Never ever look back dear.
I’ll think of ways to get to you.
Just to get you back here, back here.

It’s too late to say goodbye.
Never ever look back dear
And when the sun is coming up,
I’ll close my eyes, and dream of you.

We were betrayed by the sun.
And I love the way you pronounce rewind. 
And how the look on your face is a constant reminder that i'm actually dreaming. 

Remember when you told me that you love the smell of my car.
And it’s harder when I fear
I’d paint your skies grey.

Selasa, 20 Mei 2014

Sleeping In.

Sleep has been turned into this one thing I despise.
Since what's left of it is just a free time for my brain.
To rest, to not to think of anything at all.
Until my mind is completely shut down and I'm off to dream.

Days of remembering are over for me.
I'll wait for the sun to be finally awake.
With hopes of starting over,
I'm clinging to this one thing I thought was my home.

With all the disappointments in my life,
I'm actually thankful for everything that i have.
They happened for a reason,
and so did the consequences that come along.

Most days are boring.
Though, it always comes at the end of everything,
and I may be exhausted and weary,
I'd still hate my sleeping time.

Minggu, 04 Mei 2014



Linger close to me, haunt me everywhere I go.
Be my very own shadow.

Your presence calms me as the sunlight graze my skin, embrace me with its warmth.
We are alike, You define every move that I'm about to take.

But I'm always in the shade,
Concealed underneath someone else's gloom.


Maybe I'm starting to learn now,
How my silhouette drifts apart from me.

I know I could always see you in the daybreak,
But still, in the end - you'd already gone when the sun go down.

Kamis, 01 Mei 2014

A Noir.

Oh Darling, tell me what is right.
How do you sleep at night?
When evil things are awake. 
Chasing away the cause of our heartbreak. 

Oh Darling, tell me what's lurking under your bed.
The night is quiet because it has secrets to keep.
When littlest stains set you off the worst,
You'll begin to notice how,

How you've been leaving pieces for us to trace all along.
Shining proof that you've been completely nothing but wrong.

Oh Darling, this is just an aide-mèmoire.
That you only write tragedies.

Note to self:
She only writes tragedies, she's here only to write